Racemaker Press prepares to publish ‘Wally Dallenbach Steward of the Sport’

Boston, MA — Racemaker Press is proud to announce the publication in May of the authorized biography of Wally Dallenbach, titled ‘Steward of the Sport’. Written by renowned journalist and author Gordon Kirby, Wally’s biography is another in our series of books on American Championship racing. During his tenure as [...]

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News Release – Colorado 500 Road Ride

Due to varying interests and our desire to bring our Road Ride and Dirt Ride families together, it’s been decided to merge both events into one August ride. In the past, the Road Ride has followed a similar pattern as the Dirt Ride in regard to schedules and fundraising efforts. [...]

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Wally Dallenbach and the Colorado 500

In 1974, professional motorsports racer Wally Dallenbach put his son on the back of his dirt bike and spent the next few days tooling through the San Juan Mountains, exploring their new home state. That father and son jaunt was so wondrously fun that Dallenbach invited his buddy Sherm Cooper [...]

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On Top of the World

Now 30 years old, the Colorado 500 is America’s greatest trail ride by James Holter We slowly guide our machines down a narrow, rocky section of the trail from Black Bear Pass. About two handlebars wide, the path descends over a series of steps that lead around a 180-degree corner. To the left is [...]

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